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highlight image Imperial Brass and Friends
  1. Music For Greenwich - Edward Gregson
  2. April In Paris - Arr. Mark Freeh, Cornet-Warren Vaché
  3. Serenata - Leroy Anderson Arr. Mark Freeh
  4. Jubilance - William Himes, Cornet - Philip Smith
  5. Slavonic Rhapsody No. 2 - Carl Friedmann
  6. What A Friend - Arr. Mark Freeh, Trumpet - Philip Smith
  7. Belle of the Ball - Leroy Anderson, Arr. Ernest Tomlinson
  8. Laura - Arr. Mark Freeh, Cornet - Warren Vaché
  9. Fighting for the Lord - Emil Soderstrom
  10. La Napolitaine - Oskar Bohme Arr. Ralph Pearce, Cornet - Roger Webster
  11. My Country 'Tis of Thee - Arr. Bruce Broughton
  12. Rondo - Claude T. Smith, Arr. Mark Freeh Trumpet - Chris Jaudes
  13. Chelsea Bridge- Arr. Adrian Drover Trumpet - Chris Jaudes
  14. Onward Christian Soldiers - Arr. Mark Freeh, Trumpet - Chris Jaudes
  15. Triumphant Rhapsody - Gilbert Vinter

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